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Our product range for you and your organization

For the start-up of the knowledge and learning platform as the central point for training, instructions and monitoring of data, there are many variants of which we highlight our product range below.


Learn & Practice module

Learn & Practice module offers an extremely simple program

The Learning & Practicing module offers you an online learning environment with your own look & feel. You can develop your own training programs in the learning environment or purchase and place existing learning programs.

Author tool

Develop your own courses

Anyone can convert knowledge into courses, alerts, short info’s or only add it as a document to the library. Do you want to approve first? Of course that’s possible!


Communication module

Communicate directly with users about courses and results

Send your employees messages directly from the platform about their courses and results. Actively use the feedback about courses and learning processes of users.


Insight from the platform data for each key-rol

You can easily manage your knowledge from online training to webinar, from flash training to short info’s. You make compulsory or optional courses. Dashboarding offers a quick and just-in-time insight into achieved results.

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Exam module

Taking an exam according to examination rules

Exam questions, development is now for everyone. Taking the exam under strict examination rules and, of course, all results are clear.

Basic module for intros

Providing a simple introduction for temporary employees

Temporary forces get the first introduction online and are therefore more quickly deployable.

You immediately see the results of the online efforts of your temporary employees.


Library module

Downloading documents, printing, setting the deadline and / or making mandatory reading

The library module offers organizations the possibility to make all information such as books, articles, whitepapers, manuals, protocols, or other forms of publication accessible to students /employees.

Links / Connecting

External partners can be linked to the central learning platform

Input of data from external partners automatically and securely through links.

For an API, Zivier first identifies the software of the external partner before a project plan is issued


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