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Meeting effectively | More fun and results from meetings

Working on an effective and dynamic meeting style for better results.

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Why choose the online course?

Meetings that lead to decisions and actions are pleasing to your ears. Getting the most out of meetings is becoming a sport in which everyone likes to participate.

Meeting as an effective management tool! The art of keeping yourself and others moving towards the future is the basis for effectiveness.

The online course can be accessed 24/7 and you can complete each learning module with a partial certificate. You can create the course as often as you want.

Result of the online course

  • You know all the aspects to make a meeting a success.
  • You can distinguish between content and process.
  • You know your own meeting behaviour and know how to deal with “difficult” participants.
  • You are inspiring and work from your own preparation.
  • You are aware of the possibilities of online meetings.
  • You have insight into the different cultures at the conference table.
Meeting effectively

Extra options

Get informed about the great possibilities to offer the online course Meeting Effectively for the employees of your organization.
Do you want to use the online course for your employees?

You can of course make the online course available to all employees within your organization, but there is more that you can do:

  • You can supplement the online course with your own cases.
  • If desired, you can supplement the online course with practical moments.
  • In collaboration with the Mofundus training agency, you can organize practical days at your own location or at an external location. Do you want to offer the online course in your own look & feel environment and follow the results achieved by your employees “near-real-time”? Then that is certainly also possible.
  • The cost of the online course will be € 25,00 Exclusive of VAT

Information about blended learning course Meeting Effectively

The online course is made available by the Zivier Knowledge Center in collaboration with the Mofundus Training Office. For additional online coaching ‘Meeting Effectively’ you can contact Mofundus or order via the Zivier webshop.

The training is given by experienced trainers from the Mofundus Training Agency. In addition to registering for the established online coaching moments, it is also possible to arrange customized times.

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