Data entry securely through links


Links / Connections | Automatic input data from external partners

Entry of data from external partners automatically and securely through links.

Automatic and safe

CVS / XML Soap are links with predetermined data columns that can be automatically uploaded from one database to another. This can be fully automatic or an intermediate phase of checking can be built in.

Zivier recommends that a check be built in such a way that corrupt or incomplete data cannot be entered in the central database.

For an API, Zivier first lists the software of the external partner before issuing a project plan.

Data entry securely through links

Links with your trainers

External partners (eg trainers) can be linked to the central platform in order to upload the results of the training provided by them so that clear overviews of individual employees and / or employee groups are made available to management.

Manual input is the best solution for small organizations with little data exchanges.

The external partner receives a login code and password for a protected part of the platform and can enter the data therein manually.

After automatic checking, the application will upload the data to the database, after which the data will be visible to the employee (“my cockpit”) and the relevant key user (dashboard).

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