Library module | For all documents

The library module offers the possibility to publish all mandatory and / or interesting documents, articles, manuals, whitepapers or protocols for your employees.

Download, print and read documents and make them mandatory

The library environment can be purchased as a separate identity, but the library environment can also be added as a module to the modules Learning & Practicing, Exam and Basic.

You can set up your own “look & feel” study environment on this platform in a stunningly simple manner and then enable your employees to learn what is needed.

The library module offers organizations the possibility to make all information such as books, articles, white papers, manuals, protocols or other forms of publication accessible to course participants / staff.

Digital library environment

Documents available with 1 push of a button

You can publish documents at the touch of a button for all employees, but also specifically for a specific target group. You have the option of making a document mandatory and having your employees tick off as read.

The actions and results can then be monitored in the statistics overviews at employee level. Documents can also be set to date, so that your employees must have read the content for a specific time.

Everyone has their own page

  • Fast and easy knowledge transfer through documents
  • The various application options such as reading, downloading and printing. Documents can be prepared by deadline and documents can be linked to employees as mandatory.
  • You have your own Content Management System to add documents.
  • Documents can be linked to individual users, to groups of users, to self-designated users, to learning modules and knowledge areas.
  • Documents can easily be added to users and courses, for example.
  • The documents can easily be found in the library by means of pre-entered tags.
  • Pdf documents can easily be overwritten again. Very easy adjustments to existing documents under the influence of, for example, changing regulations.

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