Learn & Practice module | Learning in the modern way - focused on results

Learn & Practice module on the online learning platform offers an extremely simple program

Applications of the Learning & Practice module

The learning platform developed in the Netherlands is designed to meet the highest requirements regarding knowledge development of your employees. Frequently interesting updates find their way to organizations and their employees.

Optimizing the knowledge level:

  • Students can read the content, download and test themselves through questions;
  • Learning what is needed at the right time;
  • Learning modules can be completed with a certificate;
  • Monitoring the knowledge development of users;
  • Easy to develop online learning programs using formats;
  • Simplicity and time saving when managing the platform;
  • Professional and friendly support desk for all your questions.

Which topics are very suitable as programs in the knowledge center

  • Professional knowledge (knowledge and skills)
  • Work processes
  • Project evaluation
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Protocol use
  • Product knowledge
  • Knowledge about your organization
  • Alerts within the work processes

The different application possibilities for, among other things, introduction programs, job applications, training courses, work processes, audit follow-up, complaint handling, protocols and risk management make Zivier the ideal platform through the Learn & Practice module.


You can publish your own specific learning programs in your learning environment. You can also use existing, more generic learning programs.

The specialist team of Zivier is ready for you. The team can support you with:

– the layout of the learning platform

– publishing the contents of the curricula

– developing learning programs

– importing users.

The questions are offered in different question types ‘numeric, missing word, multiple choice, true / false, more answers right, yes / no, drag questions. Images or video recordings can be added anywhere. The students have the opportunity to give feedback on every page.

With this feedback you can directly increase the content of your courses

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