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The knowledge center offers a full-service concept, such as measuring, training, behavioral training and real-time monitoring.

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Knowledge center Zivier offers Full Service

Monitoring the current situation

  • Cultural audit of the organization
  • Competency audit
  • Assessments

Online applications on the learning and knowledge platform

  • forum, news, library – agenda
  • question-driven learning – testing – exam
  • monitor – analysis – feedback
  • Author tool – graphs – e-mail templates – Certificates

Different learning methods

  • Classroom training
  • Blended learning
  • Individual guidance
  • Dashboarding
  • Management report
  • Near real-time results
  • Insight into current situation
  • Based on graphs and text

Find blended learning, classroom and/or online training, flash training, webinars, and short info’s that match the chosen development. Follow immediately at a time that suits! The entire working method is focused on the actual implementation of behavioral improvement and increasing (professional) knowledge.

We achieve this by:

  • Creating ownership of various program components.
  • Online availability of (professional) knowledge and information.
  • A good mix of theory, examples and daily own practice.
  • Short cases in interactive programs.
  • An enthusiastic coach / trainer, who works with and from the strengths of the participants.
Alles-in-één met de digitale leeromgeving van Zivier

For organizations that want to maintain and optimize the level of knowledge:

  • Learn what is needed at the right time;
  • Monitoring knowledge development;
  • Demand-driven learning;
  • No technical maintenance to the platform: Zivier does that for you;
  • Professional and friendly support desk for all your questions

Applications of a knowledge and learning platform

The platform meets the highest requirements regarding knowledge development from and by your employees. Interesting updates regularly take place to further enhance user-friendliness. You can set up your own “look & feel” study environment on this platform in a stunningly simple manner with your own certificate and login page. You experience savings of 25-45%: time, money and lost time and you support sustainability through fewer trips for your employees.

Generic learning programs

You can publish your own specific learning programs in your learning environment and / or use already existing, more generic learning programs. The Zivier specialist team is ready to assist you with the design of the learning platform and the publication of the content of the learning programs.

The developing organization

People or organizations cannot stop developing to remain successful. But how do you achieve an organizational culture in which development is common?

An appointment with one of our specialists can be enlightening.

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