Compiling exams with the Exam module


Exam module | Composing exams is very user-friendly

With the Exam module, you get a professional digital environment for testing and examinations. The exam meets the highest requirements and the conditions of PE points and accreditation.

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Applications of the exam module

The exam environment can be purchased as a separate identity.
Moreover, the exam environment can also be added as a module to the Learning & Practice environment. Learning, practicing and examining in one environment.

In the exam environment too, you can set your own “look & feel” in a stunningly simple manner.

The questions in the exam package can be weighed and the exam can be prepared for candidates on day and time. You can arrange through the institutions that the candidate can immediately see in his own environment whether he / she has passed.

Learning, practicing and examining in one environment with the Exam module.

Forms of questions and possibilities

Multiple types of questions are possible in the exam module. In addition, open questions can also be asked. If the answer consists of a word, a number, a correct order, multiple choice or a few words, the exam is automatically assessed.

An exam with an ‘Open’ question is assessed manually. The answer to the ‘Open’ question is not limited to a quantity of words.

The exam can also be downloaded as a hardcopy. The candidates then take a paper exam. After completing the exam, the results can be added to the online exam module in a very simple way. This way all results remain visible in one overview.

Exam candidates have the opportunity to provide feedback on every page. This allows you to directly monitor how the exam is assessed.

The exam results

The exam candidates can, if you wish, directly see the results in their own learning environment. If an open question has been processed in the exam, you can assess the exam manually. After the exam has been assessed, the candidate sees the results in his own learning environment.

It is possible to calculate the study hours per course and / or exam and to check whether the result meets the conditions for PE points and accreditation.

Monitoring knowledge development

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