Insight through the platform


Dashboarding | Insight from the platform

Dasboarding involves the sustainable use of knowledge, monitoring knowledge development and making knowledge demonstrable.

Manage your platform like an event

Dashboarding consists of a combination of graphs, images, texts and icons. At a glance immediately visible where you stand and what you still want / need to develop to achieve your training strategy.

Develop your own course and place it on the platform that is available in multiple languages. Adding the training offer from external trainers, or linking their results to your platform is of course possible.

Assign courses, create knowledge areas, organize the training portfolio for each department. Show managers the dashboard of their own employees.

Dashboard digital learning environment Zivier

The Zivier learning environment contains data, which we clearly display “live” for you in your own dashboard.

If you already use an HRM system, the data from Zivier can be linked to it. Of course, you determine the way in which you yourself.


Monitoring from the dashboard can be done per user, per group of users, per knowledge topic, per learning program, per question.

What would you like to monitor yourself? Due to roles and rights, data is not / can be reached.

Management reporting in a blink

No hassle with extra lists: one click on the button and the report is ready. If you like to make your reports from an existing HR system, uploading data is made extremely easy.

Learning paths as part of the HR strategy

The gap analysis between available knowledge and desired knowledge in your organization
partly determines your training portfolio. The contemporary employee gets
more and more need to develop. Together you are busy with the
optimum training portfolio.

Allocating various training courses and training forms to employees
made very user-friendly in the “Full Service” platform.

Deadlines are of course adjustable and the progress can be followed “in real time”. You can conclude every online course with a certification.

Management reporting in an instant

Quality of your course material

You can immediately process the feedback from employees on your course material, as well as the additions from the people ‘from the field’.

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