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Communication module | Communicate immediately

Send your employees messages directly from the platform through the communication module.
Actively use the feedback about user courses and learning processes.

Communicate directly via e-mail

With the communication module, after assigning a course to a user, he or she can automatically be notified by e-mail.

The communication module offers the possibility to compose the e-mails entirely according to your own wishes.

The e-mails can be provided with your own images and / or logos. The font, size or color are also easy to adjust. An email can easily be sent by name.

The different e-mail formats make it easy to use.


Feedback improves quality

The feedback system can be used by every user from every page in the platform. Comments, additions and questions should be directed to the person who the user would like to involve.

Responses are clearly displayed and the manager can respond immediately. The feedback gives you a direct insight into the user experience. You can use this to optimize your learning programs.

Everyone has their own page

A clear cockpit shows all the ins and outs of the learning path, including the courses to be taken and the courses made, the results and the validity of a certificate.

Deadlines, alerts and the progress of the feedback can also be found in the cockpit.

The cockpit provides direct insight into the results of the user through graphs. Compare your own results with those colleagues in the statistics.

Personalizing the cockpit and permanent development is taking shape.

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