Compiling exams with the Exam module


Basic module | A simple introduction

Temporary employees receive the first introduction online and can therefore be deployed faster. You immediately see the results of the online efforts of your temporary employees.

Temporary employee in our organization

Temporary employees must also meet your organizational requirements in the short period in which they are deployed. Requirements can be:

– Everything about safety and hygiene
– Work processes
– Basic knowledge of their duties
– Values ​​and norms within the organization

The Basic module is designed for this. Introduction courses can be made quickly and easily. The courses can be provided with images, questions, documents, or videos.

In addition to online courses, you can also offer tests. A course and / or test can be provided with a certificate. The certificates are offered in their own look & feel.


Temporary employment agencies report their temporary employees.

The temporary employees have already visited your online knowledge and learning platform before the first working day. You immediately see the results of their online efforts in your own environment. This saves you a lot of time during the introduction. You can also deploy the temporary employee fully to his task faster. That is nice for yourself and nice for your temporary employee.

The knowledge and learning platform is offered in (almost) all European languages ​​and in the Chinese language.

Languages ​​that are not yet offered are arranged within a very short time.

Convert from Basic user to regular user

Every temporary force can easily be converted from a user in the basic module to an ordinary user. All possibilities of learning pathways, annual licenses, certification, exams, communication and authorship can then be optimally implemented.

All previously achieved results in the environment of the basic module remain visible when the user is converted to a normal user. A recommended next step after the basic module is for example the Learn & practice module.

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