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Different learning methods:

  • Learning through images
  • Micro-learning versus macro-learning
  • Spaced – learning
  • Demand-driven learning
  • Just in time learning
  • Learn face to face
  • Learning in a team

Our approach:

  • Monitoring current situation
  • Advice and support for learning policy
  • Online learning program on its own knowledge platform
  • Examination on your own platform
  • Blended learning and training
  • Webinars
  • Workplace instructions and personal coaching

You cannot miss the benefits of the Zivier Knowledge Center!

Lower costs, demonstrable knowledge, super motivation for knowledge optimization, time-saving and full service. More and more organizations use Zivier Knowledge Center because of the special rates & possibilities!

Your knowledge and learning platform provided by Zivier

Since 2005 we offer the answer to your employees’ wishes regarding their own development. We are constantly developing new extras that make it even easier for you!

How does the Zivier Knowledge Center work?

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Start your own online knowledge and learning platform

Your own online environment in your house style within a few days. Ready for use in the simplest way. The admin role can use any functionality: other rights and roles offer great flexibility. Due to the modular design of the functionalities you only use what you want.

Upcoming events

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Add your own training courses and / or choose the training courses from our large selection

You can very easily develop online learning programs on your own learning and knowledge platform and you can use our ready-made online courses, such as NEN3140 VP.

development-employees - results - analysis

Supervise the development of your employees and your organization

Analysis of results per employee, per department and / or per knowledge area makes management simple and growth easy.

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Make your own courses

Our author tool allows everyone to create the course themselves. Knowledge sharing is now the most natural thing in the world. Videos, flash training, introductions, customer training and alerts are within reach.

icon_5_library - feedback - documents

Fill your own library with reference works

Intelligent search functions make document management and video archiving accessible to employees who have been granted rights to do so.


Connect your online platform with other desired systems within your organization

Do you opt for a direct link with your other ERP and / or HR systems or do you want to import / export data? Our links meet your requirements.

icon_7_euro_pay - per user

Only pay for what you use

The knowledge and learning platform consists of several application modules that can be used both separately and fully integrated. The application modules depend on the wishes regarding the use of the platform.

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Training and online courses

Blendend Learning gives the highest return. The learning method for every employee that is experienced as pleasant. In addition to blended learning, we also offer the possibility of team development, training, personal guidance, online learning and online examination.

Flash training, short info's and alerts are extremely motivating

Various courses are listed for you as support for the development of your employees. Learn something new quickly and specifically with images and sound. Our authoring tool easily sets you up and is able to develop flash training, and publication of this in your knowledge and learning platform is ‘a walk in the park’.

Everyone can contribute to the ‘alerts’ in which practical experiences are tested against the theory. The deviations and / or unsafe situations are easily passed on directly to all other users.


Present successful

Assessment interview_zivier- training - blended learning - online courses

Assessment interviews

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“Ride-on Tire Protection is growing in all European countries. Zivier helps us in all languages ​​to train our customers and employees and to share their knowledge.”


Jacob Vorenkamp
General Manager Europe

Ride-On review

Meet the support team of the Zivier Knowledge Center

You can do everything yourself and our specialists from the Zivier Knowledge Center are happy to help you. There are relationships that only benefit from our cooperation during implementation. For other relationships, we provide the entire training process with or without support from the Zivier knowledge and learning platform.